Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hanmade pillowcase

Now that we made our duvet cover, lets now make a matching pillowcase. I have been wanting to make pillowcases for a while, so I am excited to get started. 

Tha plan is to do folding and sewing lines! Do this is a really easy project. 
Lets keep it simple, lay out your fabric. My fabric above is bigger than I need. 
Measure and cut your fabric 64" x 19". 

On each of the short ends fold over twice and sew your heam. 

Now for some folding...fold the fabric in 29" with one short edge heamed and the other folded over  by 2" (this will be the access flap for pillow to sit in neatly) 

I hadn't trimmed my long edges, so this step is extra, **ignore if you have cut your fabric to the correct measurements. 
Pin in place where you will cut....

Sew along the two long edges. 

Trim any excess off

Use zig zag stitch to make that edge strong. 
Turn round the right way. 

And its done! 

Here you csn see the heamed edge on the 
left & the folded edge on the right. 

Here it is all done. 

With the matching duvet cover. 

My daughter loves it, she said it's "fantastic!" 
Job done! 

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